Aerator Sales and Service

Jet Aerator Model 700LL

If you have an aeration system, a working aerator is a vital componant required for the system to work properly. Without an aerator, sludge can escape the aeration tank. This escaped sludge can ruin the drain field and, if there is a lift station present, stop up the pump.

The aerator mixes oxygen with the watewater so that it can be broken down by living microorganisms in the tank. This odorless treated wastewater flows out of the tank clear in color. Your aerator should be serviced every six months to ensure it is working properly and the Biollogically Accelerated Treatment (BAT) Media should be cleaned once each year. King Septic offers a yearly service contract for your aeration system. Call to inquire about the contract.

King Septic is a certified Jet Wastewater Treatment Solutions distributor and stocks Jet products. If you need anything for your Jet Wastewater Treatment System, King Septic is here to help. Visit our Jet System information pageJet System information page for more information about your Jet Aeration System.