Drip Irrigation System

Redjacket drip irrigation pump and filters

How the System Works

A Drip Irrigation System is a type of drain field that includes a lift station (also called a pump tank). Only treated wastewater enters the Drip Tank. The pump sitting in the bottom of the tank pumps the wastewater through a filter (or a series of filters) to be sure that no solid waste (sludge) can escape the tank. The water is then pumped through the 1.25" feeder line which leads to the 0.5" drip lines. The 0.5" drip lines are installed throughout the field around 6-12" in depth. Each line has emitters that distribute the water throughout the drain field.


  • The filter(s) in your drip system need to be cleaned/replaced occasionally to ensure that they do not get stopped up.
  • The tank may need to be cleaned out to remove any sludge that has escaped the treatment tank. Sludge in the drip tank can ruin the pump and possibly the entire drip system.
  • Over time, sludge and algae build up in the line and stop up the emmiters. It is important to have your drip lines flushed about every 2 years to remove any blockages.
  • It is imperative that the grass in the drip irrigation field is cut regularly to keep the water from surfacing.