Grinder Station

Zoeller 840 Grinder Pump

How the System Works

Grinder pumps are generally installed in houses attached to a public sewer. They are large pumps with spinning blades mounted on the bottom to grind up any solid waste. The pump is operated by a float switch that engages the pump anytime the water level rises to a certain point. The pump engages and pumps all the waste to the sewer. These systems do not require very much maintanance.


  • Grinder pumps generally last longer than most other types of pumps, but like any mechanical system it will need to be replaced eventually.
  • The float switches that operate the pump often fail before any issues arise with the pump.
  • Sometimes the grinder can get stopped up causing it to stop working properly. If this problem is addressed immediately, the pump can often be salvaged.
  • Float switches occasionally get stuck due to grease buildup. This can cause major problems with the system. Depending on usage, it can be a good idea to get the grinder station cleaned out occasionally.