Tank Cleaning

Routine tank cleanings are essential to prolong the life of your septic system. Tank cleaning is essential to the preservation of the drain field system. Over time the solid wastes (sludge) will accumulate in the tank, if these wastes are not disposed of they can wash out into the drain field causing major flow restriction and even total blockages of the field. This can cause the septic system to back up into your yard and/or basement. When this occurs the field may not be salvageable requiring a new drain field to be installed.

The Missouri State Health Department recommends a routine tank cleaning every 3-4 years based on a 4 person occupancy. This time interval is less if the home possesses a garbage disposal. Call today for pricing and to schedule your tank cleaning. King can normally schedule your tank cleaning the day you call or the next day.

Lack of maintenance can lead to having to replace the entire system

The cost of maintenance is only a fraction of the price to replace the entire system. Many times when a new drain field is to be installed, regulations require a new tank as well. On average, installation of a new septic system can cost around $10,000 to $25,000. To learn more about new systems, view our Engineering Page.

County-Ordered Pump and Haul

When a septic system is not working properly, wastewater can surface. The county can issue a citation to the homeowner which requires them to set up a pump and haul until the problem can be fixed or a new system can be installed. To set up a pump and haul, King Septic will cap off the outlet pipe of the tank (so that no water can escape) and install a high-water alarm. Following this installation, the homeowner is responsible for calling to get their tank emptied when the alarm goes off (or a scheduled tank cleaning can be set up).